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I Am My Sister is Wellness organization for Women of Color that assists women in understanding the importance of intimacy within sisterhood, cultivating wholeness and obtaining balance within self-first through wellness workshops and mentorship. 

Becoming a part of the family of I Am My Sister is fairly an easy task. Fill out the application below and identify what membership tier you will identify under, hit submit and that's it. At this time, there is no membership fee. Your only requirements you must complete are having an open spirit and willing heart.   We are located in the great city of New Orleans, LA and will be offering the option to have a I Am My Sister organization in your city very soon! However you can still participate via streaming!  


Please fill out the informational below and a representative of I Am My Sister will get back with you between 48-72 hours. 



Members of community do not have to be members of I Am My Sister to participate in the Wellness Workshops, Community Pop Up Play Days or our Educational Seminars on Life Skills, Housing, Finance and Wellness. There will be closed groups/classes as well as classes that will be open to the public . 
















Benefits of Membership Include:

  • Sisterhood: Commitment to one another 

  • Holistic Learning 

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Discounted Wellness Workshops

  • 40% off of Registration for our Annual Conference

  • 10% off local purchases w/ our Community Partners

  • Networking opportunities

  • Internship opportunities

  • Group mentorship

  • Community Building

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