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2nd Annual Women of Color Days of Healing Conference 

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It is with great honor that I Am My Sister is able to welcome you back to our 2nd Annual  Women of Color Days of Healing Conference!  

This opportunity of Light is to assist us in the conversation of deflating myths about persons and women of color in pursuit to work together to heal ourselves, families and our communities. This will take place through wellness workshops, identifying commonalities with a celebration of movement and culture. 


So Come and Join Women of Color from across the Globe as we participate in Workshops that focus on us

Healing from the Inside Out. 



 September 28, 2019, New Orleans, LA - Meet us Here!  

                                                                                            Cafe Reconcile 2nd Floor

                                                                      1631 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd. / New Orleans, LA 




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