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 Wellness workshops are developed to educate and create awareness on the importance of the intimacy within sisterhood, spirituality,  and cultivating wholeness within one’s self first before engaging in mentorship within the community. With knowledge of self, the Women of I Am My Sister are able to effectively go in the community to assist other women in cultivating their wholeness through role modeling and mentorship. 


Guest presenters are also invited to the wellness workshops to offer holistic methods of learning and bringing forth spiritual and personal enlightenment.  I Am My Sister offers all women of color an opportunity to grow, share and shed in a non-judgmental and therapeutic environment.


Members of community can participate in the Wellness Workshops, Community Pop Up Play Days  and/or our Educational Seminars on Life Skills, Housing, Finance and Wellness unless otherwise specified. 


Please see the Events tab for dates and location for the Wellness Workshops.

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