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Kyndra Joi, native of Charleston, SC and now local of New Orleans, LA is a Licensed Master Social Worker, Radio Personality on Power 504 Radio, a Consultant of cultural and holistic family health and a Certified Belief Therapist.  Within the last 16 years, Kyndra has earned her Master of Social Work degree from Illinois State University, studied extensively African and Gullah cultures and psychology, studied dance in Legon, Ghana, and obtained her Herbal Extract Specialist certification through the Michigan Institute of Natural Health.


Kyndra has used her experiences from both the clinical and community/independent study perspective to develop curriculums and workshops on mental health from a holistic perspective with spiritual principles to assist with the betterment of the total man. In addition, she also consults with both for profit and non-profit organizations to develop curriculums for mentorship programs, transitional homes and safety and bullying programs along the East Coast.  


Lastly, Kyndra also carries the title and torch as a “Keeper of the Culture”.  “Gullah girl”, as Kyndra is affectionately known in her community, actively educates and creates awareness of the Gullah community through her interactive workshops of language, dance and song.  Community, culture and preservation of them both are why social work and organizations such as I Am My Sister are dear to Kyndra’s heart.


Although Kyndra wears many hats, the love for Yeshua and her calling has brought her to many opportunities that she could not have afforded on her own. She gives honestly of herself to the many communities she is a part of as she gives thanks daily for opportunities to serve and grow in God. 





In Light always famlee,

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