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A message from our Founder:

The concept of I Am My Sister is simply, "I Am because You Are". Women are the first nurturers, teachers and leaders that many in communities of color can identify with. This nonprofit organization assists women of color to cultivate wholeness and obtain balance within self-first; in hopes to assist more women of color through mentorship, without any bias.  

Members of community do not have to be members of IAMS to participate in the Wellness Workshops, Community Pop Up Play Days or our Educational Seminars on Life Skills, Housing, Finance and Wellness.  All of these classes are open to the open to public for a small fee. 

However, women who chose to be a part of any chapter of IAMS will be able to participate in Wellness Workshops (via locally or online streaming), receive 10% off from all IAMS Community Partners and will have the opportunity to participate in WellWoman training to assist in teaching Wellness Classes to the community.  IAMS Wellness Workshops are for Women to learn continuously about themselves within the realms of Mind, Body and Spirit.  IAMS is the organization for women of color to learn the meaning of interdependence, the importance of cultivating themselves, importance of accepting themselves and bringing it back to the community.


It is with great pride that I stand on the shoulders of the women who taught me strength, pride, community and the importance of the intimacy within sisterhood. The purpose of I Am My Sister is to continue to teach and strengthen those who come behind us, and next to us, so we too can be the shoulders the sisters, both young and old, can stand on.


The board and myself welcome each of you to be a part of I Am My Sister as we strive in our daily lives to cultivate wholeness, not only for ourselves, but for the generations to come. In the words of a song that is still sung at my church at home and embodies the motto of IAMS, I will leave you with this;


If I can help somebody as I pass along

Then my living, shall not be in vein..


Peace and Light always,

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